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The benefits and complexities of deadlines

Posted on 2017-03-08 | Dani Coulthard Print Friendly and PDF

Nothing motivates people like a deadline. Having to do something with a time constraint naturally forces you to take steps towards completing a task, as the pressure builds as you get closer and closer to that day, hour or minute required. The most deadlines we see are in the workplace, projects, reports and many other tasks that people are designated, so that the company continues to function. This is an outside motivator, and it’s very successful for making money, ticking boxes and generating forward momentum for society.

But looking inward, we give goals and deadlines to ourselves, as a way of improving our health, our financial situation and happiness, among other things. If we have something to work towards, we gain direction in life, we feel like that thing in the distance – mirage or not, should be our destination. But like the consequences of failing to meet deadlines at work – a reprimand from your superiors, even the loss of job; failing to meet our own deadlines causes anxiety and depression. This is where the fear of failure comes from. Not living up to your own high expectations attacks your ego, and self-esteem.

Therefore, even a potential negative consequence, that hasn’t yet occurred, but that could occur sends our fear response into overdrive. Our natural survival instinct that had served us so well in the jungle is directly responsible for this reaction and is unhelpful in managing self-esteem and mental health. We see psychology as an essential process in putting these thoughts into perspective, to help navigate the mental and emotional states that cause these fears and anxieties to control your life, when they shouldn’t.

Book an appointment, and get someone else on your side, on your team; to help and support you through life and the deadlines that come with living it.


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