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Improving social skills

social skills

Social skills are vital to enable positive interactions with others in our lives. Whether it is your peers, family, colleagues or friends, communication and interaction enable you to enjoy life and achieve your goals.

For children, social skills are learned during play and everyday interactions.

Learning to share and take turns, to play cooperatively with others and to be flexible in play, are all important skills children need to develop. Children with well developed social skills have stronger relationships, increased confidence and are better able to communicate and interact with peers and teachers at school, parents and siblings, and people they meet on a day to day basis.

Improving social skills 2

However, it is often challenging when a child is shy, nervous or has developmental differences (e.g. autism) that affects their sociability and confidence. As a parent, it can be hard to watch your child be left out or have difficulties with friendships.

At click therapy, we can help your child improve their social skills. Our team of Speech Pathologists and Psychologists are here to help your child develop their confidence, self esteem, language and play skills to enhance their ability to make and keep friends. Social skills can be targeted using individual therapy or as part of a group.