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Managing anxiety


Anxiety is a normal feeling that can be described as an unpleasant inner state of worry. It is often characterised by anxious thoughts and feelings. Worries can present in different ways for different people and can be experienced by both adults and children.

Some anxiety is good for you. It can increase awareness of a possible threat, improve performance, and provide motivation to complete tasks. At high levels, anxiety can be crippling and prevent people from undertaking day to day activities. These thoughts, feelings or behaviours are a result of our fight or flight response, a necessity in the jungle but often can cause problems in everyday life.

Managing anxiety 2

Adults commonly experience anxiety in a physical way. Anxiety can create muscle tension, sweating, tightness in the chest, increased heart rate and restlessness, churning stomach; and can inhibit reasoning and concentration. It can be extremely debilitating for some, preventing a small percentage from living a normal life.

Children can experience anxiety in differing ways. They can be withdrawn, cry easily, unwilling to separate from their parent in both familiar and unfamiliar environments. They often attribute these feelings to a sore stomach. Much of the time they have neither the words nor the understanding to convey to others the anxiety they are experiencing.

Adults and children can be supported to reduce the impact of anxiety on their life. They can learn coping skills and other strategies to enhance their ability to manage anxiety. As a result, a sense of personal well-being is experienced and life becomes easier to manage.

At click therapy, we have qualified psychologists that can treat children, adolescents and adults with anxiety concerns in a supportive environment. We can assist in the development of strategies which can have a positive impact on confidence and self-esteem; and help reduce symptoms to a manageable level.